Amena Capital

AMENA Capital

When we talk about project funding and investment, AMENA Capital is the name which strikes. It comes under the domain of AMENA group limited, it is a private limited corporation which plays a role of financier and provides assistance in project funding, investment and venture capital.

AMENA Capital limited operates almost in every region of Asia, where it provides its extensive services with the help of multilingual staff that can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malaysian, Philippines and Arabic. Its head office is located in Hong Kong, and its sub branches can be found almost in every country of the region such as New Zealand, Australia, China, Malaysia and Philippine. It is provided with its services also in area of Gulf regions and the Middle East. AMENA Capital limited has expanded its operations in order to provide satisfactory conditions and to accommodate and cater all necessary financial as well as international banking transaction needs of the clients.

This corporation is most suitable for SME and corporate clients or to those that need assistance in advisory services for banking, financial and private services. AMENA Capital also provides with a facility of customization of services which best fits the specific needs of the clients. To provide with best tailored solutions in terms of financial advice and assistance the capital relationship manager at AMENA are well trained and qualified, who will try their best to accomplish what you demand.

In the past few years AMENA capital limited has made an association/alliance with several organizations which have provided with vast assistance to the corporation to cater international markets and get access to continue operations on a large scale in almost every region of Aia, Africa, the Middle East, and GCC regions. With this collaborative measure the companies have enabled AMENA to build up a huge chunk of clients and making its foundations strong in financial markets. This step of AMENA has made it able to build a strong position in financial markets with respect to providing of products and services it has to offer to the clients.

AMENA Capital Limited has also been part of philanthropic activities, it also holds a standing of being an organizer/host for conducting such activities. They have made different policies and a supporting cell that looks forward and maintain such activities to be conducted.

They have made a scheme of making donations to different charitable trusts and other humanitarian projects a considerable chunk of their profits, which helps to make a living and support for missionaries and different Non Governmental Organizations which takes actions with such donations to provide ease for the needs and sufferings of those who are in need. AMENA Capital Limited has also taken steps in the development of those areas where people are deprived of basic facilities such as clean water, food, medicine and health care. It has also made efforts and donated sums in development of schools for under privileged children and vocational centress for women so they can be a living hand for their families.


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